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Why does my business need a web site?
by Andy Simons
February 2007

Web site overview
A web site is where potential customers expect to find:
 information about your products and services
 how to contact you, your opening hours and where to find you
 maybe an online shop to purchase your products and services
 customer support facilities

Potential customers expect to find these things easily and at any hour of the day or night. If they cannot then they will go to your competitor's web site and do business with them. If you want your business to prosper then your business needs a web site (especially if your competitors have one!).

A web site costs money to create and maintain, but, in the long term, it should both make you money and save you money. It should:
 lower printing and mailing costs by providing brochures and information sheets as web pages or in electronic format for download
 answer common customer queries with relevant information, thus freeing staff for other tasks
 with an online shop, reduce geographic barriers so that you can attract new customers from anywhere in the world
 keep staff in touch with the rest of the business - very useful for staff working at home or on the road
 with a well designed website, a small company can present the same professional image as a global corporation
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