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A Web site strategy document
The basics:
 A document dealing with the important questions you need to answer before committing resources to a web site - as it's too easy to get carried away and waste a lot of time and money.
The details:
 The document should answer several fundamental questions and explain the reasons behind the answers.
 Do I need a web site? Think carefully - does the nature of your business require a web site? Would just an email address suffice instead?
 How will it help my business? If it's not going to help then there's no point in having one.
 What do I expect from a web site? Look at the web site types and your competitors' web sites - think about the aims of your web site and how you might gauge whether these have been achieved.
 What resources am I willing to invest? Web sites cost money to create, maintain and promote - the amount will dictate its size and scope. You could create the web site yourself; employing an Internet consultant is not free but at least you expect to have things done professionally.
 How soon do I need my web site? Very complex sites can take many months to create, simple sites can be up and running in a matter of days.
 How do I promote my web site? You can change Yellow Pages entries, advertise in the local press and on-line, change business cards and letter-heads.

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