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Web server hardware
The basics:
 this is the computer where the web pages are stored
 it needs to be connected to the Internet all day every day
 you can purchase or hire your own web server (expensive but best for security and web site availabilty)
 alternatively, you can share space with other web sites on someone else's web server (cheaper, but poorer security and slower if a shared web site is busy)
The details:
 any computer can be used as a web server, you can use an old PC or a state of the art supercomputer - your choice depends upon your resources and the requirements of your web site
 a web server can be located at your business and connected to the Internet via a telephone line or leased line
 alternatively, for greater reliability it can be located in a specialised facility with other web servers - these facilities have the advantage of physical security, environmental control, multiple power sources and very high speed connections to the Internet
 an old PC located at your business is not always the cheapest option, locating at a specialised facility can be as cheap as £50 (€75) per month; the busier the web site the more expensive the costs
 sharing a web server is known as virtual hosting - this can be as cheap as £10 (€15) per month if your web site is not too busy
 virtual hosting can slow down access to your web site if the other sharing web sites are busy - sharing also makes it more difficult to secure your web site

Web server software
The basics:
 this is the computer program that runs on the web server hardware and sends web pages to web browsers when the web browser asks for them
The details:
 the most popular web server software, presently, is called Apache. - it is free (yes, free), has a good security record and works with most operating systems - Windows®, UNIX®, Linux®, Solaris etc
 Microsoft® IIS is, presently, the second most popular web server software. It is definitely not free and has been the subject of numerous security problems - it works with Windows only
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